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It's nice to be back...

Hey Friends,

It's been a hot minute since we've shared anything on here. Do you ever have something on your "to do" list that just seems to get put off over and over because everything else just seems so much more pressing? Well, real talk... that's been me and our social media. We've been so busy with client work; this part of my business just never seems to get any time. Funny thing is that this is one part that I actually really enjoy. So, I've decided it's time to get back at it and I'm actually really excited about it. There are SO many things that I want to share with you! Life does get busy, but I hope to see you more of you in the space more often.

This wedding was one that I've been dying to share with you all. I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, however this one I feel really proud of, so here we go! TOOT TOOT! ;)

Christie and Jono were a couple that we had over Covid. We had been busy planning, and everything was ready to go. All regulations were going to be met, and it was set to be a lovely day. Then the venue where they were originally booked decided to put some "extra regulations" into effect 2 weeks out from their wedding. These were changes that were going to change every aspect of their event.

I had a call a few days later with Christie and Jono, and to say we were all devastated is an understatement. We chatted and they asked if I could move the wedding. I should say that we were previously booked at a venue where everything from chairs, tables, linens, catering, glassware etc. was all included. If we did this, we would have to start from scratch about 10 days out from their wedding date. After a long pause I think my exact words were" If you let me do my thing, I can do this... " They were so amazing and just trusted me to do it all. We didn't have time for back and forth on design and vendor choices, so I just went for it. Christie sent me a photo and said "I wouldn't be upset it my wedding looked like this" :) and that was it. We ran with it.

I am SO fortunate to have the team I have and the close network of freaking ridiculously talented vendors here and they honestly made this crazy journey possible. xo

I remember walking into Party Mood the morning of a different wedding and announced... "Okay people! We have 9 days to pull this off! I need a complete inventory of your glassware, plates, etc... for this date. We need candle holders, vases and other decor too"! and you know what? They just jumped right in, and it was all hands-on deck!

I should also mention that during these 9 days, our team had 3 other weddings and I had a full-time job to do we well.

We were lucky to still have Megan from Botanica and Bloom as our florist, who took the florals she had originally ordered and made them fit the new vision. The original design was a navy-blue ballroom wedding and we completely revamped to a blush and earth toned farm wedding. She is a super star!

We were also incredibly lucky to have Kaylin from KVD Photography. Not only did this woman totally go with the new flow, but she also helped us put out place cards in the wind! Much love to you lady!

We added a team of new vendors to the roster, and they worked their magic in some of them less than a week out. So grateful for all of you!

I had meetings at ridiculous hours, filled in insurance requests at 11pm from my bed, and chats about other aspects while setting up other weddings. It was hectic, and glorious all at the same time. Everyone pulled together to make this day happen, and you know, it turned out to be the most wonderful day. I told them, that I think this is exactly how it was meant to be all along. xo

Below are a few of my most favorite pics from the day! All taken by the lovely KVD Photography.

Special thanks to our team of vendors. I could not have done this without you, and this day would not have been what it was without your talents and dedication.

Much love,

Tam xo

Photographer: KVD Photography

Catering: Ma Maison

Music: Party People Sound and the Cities

Transportation: Wilsons

Dessert: Cold Comfort

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