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The Best Wedding Ceremony Songs

We know that picking the right song is tough! This is the kickoff to your big day! You want the music to reflect your feelings and showcase your personalities, and honestly there are SO many good ones!

Some of us will want something instrumental, or something classic, while others will want something fun, upbeat and completely unexpected. I've put together a list of some of my favorite wedding songs that we've seen over the years. Check it out! You might find something you like, or that you maybe didn't think of before. Clink the link below to access the list.

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Remember that your day can be anything you want it to be! I love the classic sweet songs, but I'll be honest, it's always pleasantly surprising when someone can turn an oldie or a rock song into the sweetest aisle song.

Much love,

Tam xo

Photos: Secret Waters Photography

Florals: Platinum Floral Design

Venue: Bird's Eye Cove Farm

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