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Full Planning

Blue Lily’s ‘Full Planning’ package includes pretty much everything you can imagine!  With our ‘Full Planning’ package we will not only be providing unlimited consultations and our full ‘Day Of’ Coordination package; we will also be providing personalized guidance and resources for every bride, every step of the way.

Our ‘Full Planning’ package is perfect for the bride who isn’t too sure where to start with her wedding plans, and will need the help of an event planner to help them keep things on track throughout the entire planning process.  Whether you are too busy to get organized, or feeling too overwhelmed with creative ideas and don’t know how to narrow things down enough to put a plan into action; Blue Lily’s ‘Full Planning’ package will help get things started in creating your perfect day!

​‘Day-Of' Coordination


Our ‘Day-Of’ Coordination package will involve a several meetings, phone calls and emails leading up to your big day.  At least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day, a full consultation will be scheduled to go over all the last minute details.  It is at this 2 week deadline that the Blue Lily team will fully take over to coordinate all your vendors and complete all the coordination of your wedding day.  ‘Day-Of’

Coordination services will also include set up and ‘take’down’ at your venue of choice. 

This package is perfect for the organized bride, who just needs some extra hands on deck to help oversee some of the finer details involved in the planning of her wedding.  The focus of this package is to assist the bride, and bride’s family on the day of her wedding, so the wedding party can fully enjoy in the celebration, without having to worry about what is going on behind the scenes.

​Decorating, Styling & 'Take-Down'


Blue Lily is not only here to assist with planning and coordination, but also offers full decorating, wedding styling and take down services. 

All ‘Decorating, Styling & Take Down’ services will be billed at an hourly rate. Please contact Blue Lily for more information.

Wedding Road Map


Want to plan your own wedding, your way, but just need some direction to get things started?  Blue Lily offers customized ‘mapping’ services for the adventurous DIY bride!

Our ‘Wedding Road Map’ package includes an initial consultation lasting approximately 2 hours in length.  Additional consultation can be added to this package at an hourly rate. 

During this consultation, we will discuss all your details, possible road blocks and ideas.  Each bride will receive a report that will include a list of all the places and people you need to chat with to make your wedding planning take shape.

Blue Lily’s ‘Wedding Road Map’ is great for brides who have the time, energy and organization to plan their own wedding from start to finish.  If our ‘mapping’ services are just not going to be enough, all pre-paid ‘mapping’ fees can be used towards the total costs of our ‘Full Planning’ package.

General Consultations


Not sure what you need yet, but you know you have a wedding to plan?  Not sure you need a full package, and just really need someone’s expert advice to consult with?  Here at Blue Lily we cater to every bride!

Our ‘General Consultation’ services can cover every topic related to your wedding, from vendor sourcing to styling solutions.   

All ‘General Consultation’ services will be billed at an hourly rate. Please contact Blue Lily for more information.

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